Investment Models

How do Bitmex accounts work?

Bitmex , it is one of the world's most transactional crypto money exchanges. Bitcoin , ethereum and ripple allows the purchase and sale of crypto coins with margin value up to 100 times.

If a Bitmex Investment Account is created, the amount of your investment is sent directly to our Bitmex volume stock account if you are paid with a crypto currency. If you open your account, If your account is transferred to our account before the day trading of our company, your account will be repaid on the same day.

If you have opened an account with Payeer , Advcash and Swift, Your first refund will be on the next business day cycle.

The payback of your Bitmex accounts is now 02:00 PM (UTC). The reason for this is that bitmex pays at 01:00 PM. By calculating every possible situation, our company keeps daily reimbursement amounts as extra balance in special blockchain account. In case of any problems or delays associated with Bitmex, our private blockchain account is activated and successfully reimbursed.

How does the bitmex account earn?

- With the growing bitmex volume every day, perhaps days are left for us to turn into bulls.

Our Bitmex robot, encoded with the recommendations of Bitmex Trade experts of our company, has more than 500 social media networks, More than 300 web pages, It examines more than 1000 news portal periodically and compares the Bitmex trading pages with our stock volume and presents them to the review of our traders. With Bitmex Trade team's prediction, process direction and leverage values ​​are determined, the process opens. The day is closed if a gain of 4% to 6% is based on a low risk policy.

As everyone knows Cryptocurrency exchanges are directed 70% based on human factor. The biggest advantage of our company is the fact that 70% risk factor is not affected by the stock market volume. The reason we foresee at least a 4% gain is that we want to reflect on the purchase and sale of contract and transfer fees.